Sunday, February 21, 2010

My sister's Birthday

Well, my sister's birthday is tomorrow and I've found a few projects I wanted to try.
I got a cute Valentine pail on sale for 80% off 37 cents woot!  And the bag was pretty cheap too!
One of the projects is an accordian card which I filled with pictures of us at various ages and quotes from Claire Stoner's easel books.

Then I did the 34 sucks boquet of cute!! Good thing she's not any older I would have had to have gotten a bigger pot!!  I also made four of them flowers using this tutorial  Thank you so much for sharing this so that I could be all cuuuuute!  Here's the results!!  Close up of flower suckers kinda blurry but you get the idear!


  1. Fantastic work! I simply love your work!

  2. Jessie the card turned out so beautiful! Your "see-star" will love it :) I love the sucker idea too I think I will do that for Jeff this year, it's his 35th and he is NOT happy about being "mid 30's" LOL

  3. Awww thanks! It was so fun to make! The flower part of the suckers was really fun, made Marty help