Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Refreshing Mistakes!

Ok, so I made a grave error..and I am not afraid to share with you my error..even though I still had fun I had to use the cup the way I messed it up cause I already stuck the tack tape on and couldn't get it oh well, someone gets to be my guinea pig! I made the lil banner say your friendship is refreshing!

I used this tutorial from Dawn:

and this card cut file from Mel's Blog:

Thank you both for sharing great ideas and cuts!!
So since I did the cup tabs backwards the tabs are supposed to be stuck BEHIND the cup so....this is like a dirty glass sitting by the dishwasher! LOL Oh well, I'll do it right next time!




  1. Oh how ADORABLE!!! I LOVE your creation mistake or not!!!

  2. I love it Jessie - so cute what you did with this file. I am glad you liked it and I think you are great to admit the mistake. I make mistakes like that all the time - just another reason for an embellishment I say!

  3. I think the "mistake" ended up looking just fine!!! If you wouldn't have said it, nobody would have known :) So cute!!! I can't wait to come over and make some cards with you...!!

  4. I can't wait to get my cuttlebug so I can start embossing too! Fun fun! This would have looked cute with the pink polka dotted in the background too...dern my budget!