Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Work can slow me down..but it can't stop me!

Yeah, I'm typing this at midnite..just now realizing..perhaps maybe I should have felt creative maybe an hour or two earlier tonite..hahahhaha...oh well, I'm posting!  This tutorial was SOOOO cute, I had to do it as soon as I saw it!!!  There are 4 drawers in it..and it's so simple to make!
So here's my version..and I'm off to bed..shame shame..I will pay in the morning!  LOL!!!
Enjoy!  and hey go make one!!!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this box!!!! I have received one as a gift before and the detail was absolutley gorgeous as well....You're so right...it has SUCH a HUGE impact and your's is SO beautiful!!!!!

  2. The box is sooooo cute. You are very talented, and to do all that at midnight no less, very impressive. I have enjoyed so much my journey through your blog. Thank you for letting me visit.