Friday, January 14, 2011

Time for Valentine's Crafts

Well, I'm back at it, finally!  I'm having a Valentine Card/Craft making party the weekend before valentines and I decided to make crafts.  Here's the skeletons of what I'm making.  I got all the basic coupon books made just haven't decorated them until I know everyone who's coming so I can personalize them!  Fun stuff!  I spent about an hour on each one so far.  Had 15 to make for so decided to start early and break it down to 1 or two a night that way I got them done without stressing!  Now all I have to do is decorate.  I did all the instructions here: except for the part where she made the little pouch to hold the paper pad.  I decided I didn't want to do that part 15 times and the one piece held it just fine so it worked out fine!  So now you can make your own if you'd like!  It was alot of fun!  Here are some of my undecorated results:

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