Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worry Journals

Let me start off by saying, I looked into these worry journals because I have many a time been awake for HOURS after I try to go to sleep with all these racing thoughts of things I need to get done, or heck, even just things I want to create!  I had heard about worry journals and looked up an article about it online.  I think it is a fabulous idea.  Then I was trying to create something for my best friends (aka best mother I know, besides mine!) kiddos.

I went to her oldest daughers birthday party.  That was her firstborn and a gift in itself.  Then she has a heart so big she invited 3 more siblings in that she will be adopting this year.  I thought maybe this might make a good gift for some truly great kids that really had gotten kicked around from house to house until they found my best friend and her fabulous husband.  Hmmm...hate to separate it like that when I think of it..because they are truly both OUR best friend's as a couple.  :)  They are both fantastic people who made their kids finally feel, loved, wanted, and secure.  And I consider all four of them my little adoptive nieces and nephews! 

Anyway I only took pictures of the outside of the books and had to blub out their names to protect their privacy but you'll get the idear!  Just altered the tiny composition notebooks...decorated the outside...and on the inside I put inspiring quotes about family and love and all.

I wish you all to be so lucky as to know someone with a heart this big.  I know I am proud to know them!!


  1. Love this idea! Would be a great item for craft shows!

    Rock Girl

  2. What a great idea. What kind of "notepad" did you use in the top picture on the right? It almost looks like an album?? Would love to know more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The one to the top right is a money book. I made it from a prior tutorial from It's her 2010 12 days of Christmas tutorial along the right hand side. She has some great ideas in there! If you look back in February blog post here I made one for my sister a few months ago. :)

  4. Thanks! I know I really need to get some stuff made up for the craft shows! I've been so lax lately not keeping up with getting stuff made besides!

  5. Awwww Jessie! *sniff* *weep* *blubber* I love you guys! I know the kids will really love these, because they're specially made just for them :)