Tuesday, December 27, 2011

21 years...

No crafty goodness today!  I just wanted to celebrate that after 21 years of smoking, I have been smoke free for one month now.  :)  I'm so excited because I never thought I could do it.  I've never even tried to quit before because well, I thought I enjoyed it, and that it calmed me.  Now I've discovered it was just something that cured my boredom and that I need to find other ways to do that.  I did find an article that I wish I would have found BEFORE I decided to quit..lol...  It is Dr. Oz's advice on how to quit..it seems like a much better idea then quitting cold turkey and eating everything in sight without a good habit to replace the bad!  He says that for the first 30 days..don't quit...start walking for 30 mins a day..replace the bad habit BEFORE you quit..(good idea man, I so could have used that before I replaced it with eating!)

So now that I know I have more willpower than I ever thought possible.  I shall move on during the second week of the new year, why the second week?  A) because I found out my hubbo's insurance might cover part of a health club monthly bill and it doesn't start til after the new year and have to have time to turn it in..and B)  I want all the new year's resolution peeps out of my way..because even though I've decided to do it now, it isn't a New Year's resolution..it's a from now on resolution..

I purposely quit smoking cold turkey right after Thanksgiving.  I wanted to do this during the hardest part of the year..the stress, the holidays, the food, because I knew if I could do it then...I could keep doing it...and I surprised myself.  I think I set myself up to fail on purpose..but actually succeeded.  What a nice surprise.  They say that only 2 - 3% of people who quit cold turkey are successful.  I've met 4 people that did it..so what a small world...I intend to join their club. 

Well, now it's time to reverse what I've done eating  in place of my smoking.  I can do it...I need to make time for exercise.  No more excuses.   I can say I don't have time..but I do.  I can make myself have time, just like I do for every other important thing that I take care of for my husband and kids and family.  I am just as important as they are.  And if I'm not well, I'm not doing them any good.  Time to get a little discipline in on myself...and start to feel good again...yay...wish me luck! 


  1. Outstanding Jessie! Good for you! I'm a cold turkey quitter too. As of the 13 of this month it's been 9 yrs! Sometimes it seems like just yesterday. I'll pray that you are one who doesn't stay plagued with cravings. Some are, some aren't. I am one who still craves them, though I've not picked one up since day one. It's been close, but I've gotten past "the moment". Keep up the great work and if I can be of any help, please, by all means feel free to contact me :) Sure we don't know each other yet, but what better way to meet? God bless! :)

    1. What a late reply I have for this, but I finally thought wow, it's been awhile since I blogged and came in! Thanks so much for your encouragement! I've now gone 5 months and still not smoked and I'm so glad. I'm not sure if what I have is cravings, I think it's just missing an old habit..but I still haven't replaced it wtih something good yet..that is my next goal! Your words encouraged me today! Thanks for that! :)