Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gift Boxing!!

Well, I've been busy trying different tutorials out!  I must say making the backpack was hard for me..little parts..little punch holes...big frustration!  But the end result was cute, so I'll try doing it again!
Here is the back pack tutorial:
Then I made the cutest little milk carton here is that tutorial:
And last and EASIEST  I found a box you don't have to glue and is sooo easy to make
and PERFECTLY fits my scarves and socks for gifts wootay!!
Here is the tutorial for sooooo easy and pretty box:
and I also used the paper bow tutorial I posted a few days ago to add bows to these
and here are my results!  ENJOY!!!


  1. GREAT job.......You are doing so awesome on your boxes!!!!

  2. You are on an awesome and creative roll girl.
    Hugs dear,

  3. Super Cute! I love the boxes! I will be watching the links sO can create my very own!

    Thanks for Sharing!