Friday, May 7, 2010

Been Very Busy Getting Gifty Cards ready!

Well, I've been busy and just not posting my results!  Geez, why make it so hard on myself to post later and have to RE-look up all these tutorials so that I remember how I did it..LOL!  Well, this will be a long post but lots of ideas here!  I needed to make a bunch of gift card holders for a series of weeks I plan on sending some out to family that needs them right now =)  So enjoy and just keep scrolling this one's pretty big..LOL!
Ok, first we have another milk carton gift box template from Dan's website (thanks Dan!!)
Then just a few gift card holders!  If you would like particular tutorials and they are not listed..then that just means I googled or youtubed blah blah tutorial and the idears came streaming in!

Ok, and then I found this COOL tutororial on making a cool gift box out of playing cards
I love it because this thing takes NO adhesive and is pretty sturdy (recognize the cards, Mariah?)

And then some pocket cards just for fun!!!  And one of the tutorials I found for it!

and last but not visit to the past and my little kindergarden drawing I did by just youtubing penny slider card and found directions.

Ok, that's it for now...I shall definately not wait so long to update next time..too hard to find where I got the information later!  LOL!!  Have a great weekend!!

Huggs, Jessie


  1. Fantastic creation Jessie!!!! Love them all ma'am!!!

  2. Wow great job on all of these lady! Next time we get together I want to make some of the cool papercrafts you've learned :) And I really look forward to hopefully you coming over to my house this summer and being crafty queens together since I'll be trapped! LOL :P PS...I *love* the box from the NY cards that is SUCH a cute idea! And they have all kinds of super-cute themed cards that could make neat boxes (although I really do LOVE the way it looks with the I ♥ NY cards!)!

  3. Loving everything you have been doing!!!
    Love that back pack!!!!
    Cute cute cute and cute!

  4. Jessie,

    That came out so great (all projects.) Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are amazing Jessie. What talent ya have!

  6. I am really loving my blingy I ♥ NY card box!!! And also my Mother's Day sticky note holder that is beautiful...Thank you!!