Friday, April 29, 2011

Sock Monkey Cozie

On a cozie roll!  Saw a picture of this online and had to re-create it for my niece!  It was pretty fun and easy, now that I got all my parts figured out!


  1. Hirarious! This is too cute! Well, if you are going to make a few more to sell, let me know, I want one!

    Rock Girl

  2. Aww thanks! I saw a picture of it and thought..hey I can do that! (Usually, I just say that and then don't do it!) LOL! But I'm making another one right now for my other niece I'm picking up to prom shop tomorrow! I hope she likes will be pink and black hat..hehehehehe...I do think I'll make some up, I'll let ya know!

  3. too cute! I bet alot of people would comment on the cuteness of these :):)