Sunday, October 2, 2011

My monster ate my IPOD!

Yeah, so I see it's been FOREEEEVER since I've posted!  Bad me!!  But it's not that I haven't been busy.  Just had to share this adorable fun thing to make!  My daughter said she wanted a sock for her IPOD.  I found a tutorial here that I thought was cute:  Monster Ipod case.  My daughter has a sweatshirt from Hot Topic that looks like this:

except hers had nerd glasses..umm cute!  But I decided to use the above tutorial and make her this!!

I added one of those keyrings that open and close so she can clip her mini me on her when she wears her sweatshirt..was so fun!  Had to share!!

I'll try to post more now that the holidays are closing in!

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